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RevisitClass provides articles related to Data science and programming. If you are interested to share your knowledge with others, you can consider to write for us.

Go to https://write.revisitclass.com/ and start writing.

Why you need to write for us?

Everyday we are learning new things in the Data science / programming world. It helps to solve the business use cases. If we share those knowledge in RevisitClass, other developers will be benefitted and they will excel in their job.

Do I get paid for article?

Yes. If your article is good and accepted by our team , you will be getting paid. The cost will be vary based on technology.

Is there any minimum qualification for writing article?

You should have work experience in Data science / programming field. Also you need to submit the sample article with us.

Can I copy the content from any text books or website while writing article?

No. You can read about concepts from any sources. But you should write in your own words.

Is there any format for article?


  • Overview of the article/concept
  • Syntax
  • Real world examples

How to contact the RevisitClass?

Please contact us through revisitclass@gmail.com for any other queries