How to split the string by dot in Java?

Dot(.) character in Regular Expression

Dot(.) is a special character in regular expression which is used to match any character. How do we escape dot in regex? Double backslash (\\) is used to escape these kind of special characters in regex. Hence we need to use \\. to split the string based on dot character.

Example 1: Dot(.) without double backslash in regex

Here v.s means three character of string which starts with v followed by any character, then ending with s ( v + any character + s). It split the input string into two separate string as below (one before vis and the other one after vis)

  • re
  • itclass

Example 2: Java split string by dot with double backslash

Lets write the simple java program to split the string by dot. Here we are going to use double backslash(\\) along with dot that will escape the dot character.

Input String :
Output Strings :


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