How to change the Teradata password?

User Management in Teradata

The Teradata Database Administrators are responsible to manage the users in Database.They will create the Teradata account for each user with limited space and access on the database objects.

Password expiration interval in Teradata

In order to maintain the active users in the Database, Teradata DBA will set the password expiration interval like 90 days/120 days in the DBC tables. So after the expiration interval,User will receive an email alert from Teradata DBA to make the password change to retain access in the Teradata.

If user didn’t change the password, it will be expired in the system. Then the Teradata will throw the following error message “3032 User password has expired” when user try to access the database.

Change Teradata password using SQL Assistant

There are two ways to change the password if it is not yet expired:

1.Modify Command

User can run the below modify command in the Teradata SQL Assistant to reset the password.

  • <user_name> – Mention your Teradata user name
  • <new_password> – Give your new password to access the Teradata

Example : Change the TestUser password

Teradata password change
Teradata password change

2. Change password option in Teradata SQL Assistant

In SQL assistant application, User can navigate following option to change password

Teradata SQL Assistant → Tools → Change Password.

Change password option in Teradata SQL assistant
Change password option in Teradata SQL assistant

Once click the Change password, it will give popup box to reset the password. User need to give both Current and New password in this box. Then just click the OK button to reset the new password in Teradata

Reset password in SQL assistant
Reset password in SQL assistant

Change password using BTEQ utility

BTEQ stands for Basic Teradata Query utility which supports both interactive and batch mode. User can logs on with BTEQ to reset/modify their password in Teradata. The following steps helps you to change the password using BTEQ utility.

  • Get into BTEQ tool – Write BTEQ and click enter to access the utility in command prompt/ linux server where the BTEQ is configured.
  • Login into Teradata – Lets login into Teradata using .LOGON command. You need to give the valid Teradata director program ID and user name. Then click enter to give password.
BTEQ utility log in screen
BTEQ utility log in screen
  • Change password : Write down the modify query to reset your Teradata password.
  • Exit the BTEQ – Give .EXIT or .QUIT command to come out from BTEQ utility.

Finally we have changed Teradata password using BTEQ utility.