Delete a node at a given position in a Linked list C++

Steps to delete a node in a Linked List

In order to delete a node at a given position in Singly linked list, we need follow the below steps.

  1. Find the previous node of the node to be deleted
  2. Remove the node to be deleted
  3. Reconnect the link list to change the next of the previous node
  4. Free the allocated memory of the removed node.

Different ways to delete the node in a Linked list.

1.Delete a node from the beginning
2.Delete a node from a certain position
3.Delete a node from the end


Input: position = 3, Linked List = 72->13->59->17->33->80
Output: Linked List = 72->13->17->33->80

Program to delete a node from a Linked list in C++


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