How to find number of AMPs used in the Teradata Database system?

AMPs (Access Module Processor) in Teradata

Access Module Processor(AMP) is a virtual processor(vproc) that used to stores and retrieve the data in Teradata. AMPs are basically the database execution engine and these are multiple in number. Each AMP in Teradata has its own disk attached to it.

Also it performs any data conversion,aggregation,sorting,manipulate the disk sub system in the multi tasking and possibly parallel processing in the environment of the Teradata database.

HASHAMP function in Teradata

The function returns the AMP number which will hold the table row in its vdisk. This AMP will be responsible for the portion of table rows which it stores in it vdisk. It takes HASHBUCKET# as the input and returns the AMP number.

Query to find the total number of AMPs in Teradata

AMPs numbering is starts from zero(0) in Teradata. Since the HASHAMP function will give the maximum AMP number, we have added 1 to find the total number of AMPs.


Total of AMPs in Teradata

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