How to calculate the Mean?

What is mean?

Mean is defined as add the set of numbers , then divide the result by the count of numbers. In other words, It is a average value of the numbers.

Mean = Sum of the numbers/Count of the numbers

Below is the mean formula in mathematics and the notation for the mean is x-bar.

Mean Formula
Mean Formula

Example to calculate the mean value

Lets find the mean value for the marks scored by the students.

Set of values to calculate mean
Set of values to calculate mean

The students marks are listed in the above table. To find the mean value for the marks, first we need to sum up all the marks. 55 + 87 + 60 + 95 + 75.

The sum of the marks = 375

As we added 5 marks together , the count of the numbers is 5.

Mean value = Sum of the marks / count of the numbers = 375/5.

So the mean value is 75. Also this is the average mark scored by the students.